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Sally Schwager is a psychotherapist, Spiritual Counselor and Co-Director of One Spirit's InterSpiritual Counseling Program in NYC.

This Workshop is Held the 4th Sunday of Every Month

Healing Breathwork Circle with Sally


"Healing breathwork was the most transformative spiritual practice I have ever experienced"                                           - Vicki Scataglini, LPC

Breathwork is a powerful self-healing and self-discovery practice. It is an active form of meditation that uses a two-part breath to move stuck energy, raise your vibrational level, and facilitate connection with Spirit. Most of us don't breathe fully. 


We hold back the breath and have been doing so for most of our lives. With a guided breath meditation, memories, deep-rooted beliefs, stress, trauma, loss, grief, fear, anxiety and whatever else may be hiding in the body, can find its way to the surface and into awareness, which begins the process of healing. 


One of the biggest gifts of breathwork is the ability to bring awareness and energy to those places where we are stuck. Letting go of our resistance often comes down to releasing our self-limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. What is standing in your way? 


Breathwork groups are beautiful celebrations, so come prepared to laugh, cry, feel, shed some emotional energy, and mostly be more yourself than ever before. Breath work gets us out of our minds and in touch with the other layers of our being. The ego softens and the spirit soars. Within a group this work takes on a powerful energy, creating a space of safety, unity, and the opportunity to grow in community. Releasing stuck energy and blocked emotion brings us into higher levels of consciousness, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. Please wear clothes that are comfortable to lie down in. 


Bring a yoga mat or something to lie on, and a blanket if you like. I'm excited to hold space for you to make your own discoveries!  


Where: CT Wellness, Sandy Hook.107 Church Hill Road, Sandy Hook, CT) When: 4 th Sunday of every month, 9:30 - 11:00 am Cost: $30 per class or $100 for any 4 classes; Your insurance may cover the cost, see Vicki.

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