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Joe Petroface, LPC

(203) 554-9116

Joe is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 15 years of experience counseling children and adolescents. Joe has extensive experience collaborating with parents, teachers, pediatricians, and other mental health professionals…

“In most cases a team approach helps to provide the best care possible for my clients.”

Shortly after receiving his undergraduate degree in 2002 Joe began counseling at risk children at Kids in Crisis in Greenwich, CT. Joe then spent several years working at Middle School and High School programs counseling and assisting students with Autism.

After completing his professional training and receiving his Master’s degree in Counselor Education from Fairfield University in 2014 Joe was hired as the School Counselor at St. Rose of Lima School in Newtown, CT.  

Joe provides a non-judgmental, and compassionate atmosphere in which you can safely work through feelings, thoughts, and beliefs…

“I offer a holistic approach to a client-centered therapy. I believe that human beings have a desire to fulfill their true potential. It is my goal to help guide others towards this point.”

Creativity, imagination, and humor, along with practical solutions and concrete goals are the keys to Joe’s therapeutic interventions and practices! 

Client Testimonial

“Mr. Pietrafeso has helped me through so much. I have experienced many losses in my life, and when I’m sad, or angry the first person I talk to is him…And he doesn’t just let you talk…he also offers his insight, and humorous jokes that make me leave with a smile on my face. He always encourages me not to dwell on negative thoughts, and to think about my loss as opportunity to build strength…And each time he says it, the idea becomes more meaningful." 


Theoretical Framework

  • Client Centered

  • Humanistic

  • Holistic

Counseling Services/Practices

  • Cognitive Therapy

  • Creative Talk therapy

  • Solution Focused Counseling

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Mindfulness


Please reach out if your child or adolescent is experiencing:

  • Anger, aggression, opposition toward you, or others.

  • Depression, sadness, or is feeling “stuck”

  • Anxiety or excessive worry

  • Poor self-esteem

  • A myriad of feelings associated with divorce, the loss of a loved one or other trauma related events.

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