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Kimberly Morello, MS, NCC, LPC

Kim is a masters level psychotherapist. She received her degree in Counseling from Western Connecticut State University. She is a licensed professional counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and member of Chi Sigma Iota, the International Academic and Professional Honor Society for Counselors.


Kim is a partner at CT Wellness Center, a therapeutic holistic health  center serving the body, mind and spirit of each individual. Kim has integrated her education and early training (focusing on the bio, psycho, social aspects of an individual) with a broader scope of what wellness really means. Kim draws from the tenets of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), family systems, person centered, imago, EMDR and gestalt therapy. She believes that while these approaches are useful, they can also be limited. Kim has evolved as a therapist, opening the conversation with her clients onto a broader platform, allowing for a deeper exploration into the clients inner world. As this landscape is traversed, new awareness are likely to be uncovered, making the unconscious conscious. Only through conscious awareness can positive choices emerge.


Kim’s therapeutic approach has evolved to include an emphasis on mindfulness while teaching and working with the client’s energetic system. Science can now validate what the ancient mystics had always known; we are far more than our physical selves. As a client learns to connect to the more expanded parts of themselves, their  energy shifts, allowing a whole new paradigm to unfold. No longer are you locked into the familial or societal conditioned beliefs of themselves or of life.  


​Kim works with individuals, couples, families and leads workshops

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