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Kimberly Morello, MS, NCC, LPC


Kim is a Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR trained therapist and a member of the Chi Sigma Iota, the International Academic and Professional Honor Society for counselors.

Kim’s work as a psychotherapist has evolved over the past 18 years of practice. She blends aspects of traditionally minded cognitive behavioral therapy ( CBT ), family systems therapy and person centered therapy with a holistic approach to healing and wellness. With this holistic approach, a deeper understanding of all aspects of the “self” can be discovered. Kim’s fascination with the human energy system led her to explore the philosophy of eastern medicine. We are a system of energy; so much more than just our physical selves. The energetic system of a individual reveals a deeper understanding of where imbalances are held within the body. To achieve optimal health, whether physically or emotionally, we must be self aware and attuned to our own energy.

When a client comes in with emotional distress, Kim helps them identify the origins of their disequilibrium. Through the exploration of the clients history and thought patterns, core beliefs and awareness is gained leading to personal insight necessary to create change.

Kim works with individuals, couples and families incorporating many modalities depending on the needs of the client. 


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