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Substance Abuse Counseling
Addiction Counseling


Substance abuse counseling and addiction counseling are critical components to helping our clients find emotional happiness, hope, and recovery wherever they may be in their journey. Alcohol and drug addiction is a very real illness that happens in all communities, across all socioeconomic levels, and within all families.

Our therapists provide mental health, substance abuse and addiction counseling to help our clients build a strong base for their recovery, helping them understand their addictive behaviors. In a safe and non-judgmental space, clients are encouraged to find their own path to recovery while being supporting through the challenges that may occur along the way.

Our therapists each bring their own unique style to the practice, offering a variety of approaches to support our clients in reaching and maintaining their goals. Click on each individual provider to learn more about their philosophy and counseling style.

Make your appointment for substance abuse counseling or addiction counseling with:

Wendy Gadwah, LCSW, LADC

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