CT Wellness Center is a therapeutic holistic center serving the body, mind and spirit assisting clients in achieving their optimal level of wellness. The center is a welcoming, safe, spa inspired space where each client is honored for their courage to step into their ideal state of wellness. 


Our  mission is to create and successfully maintain a wellness center where practitioners from Eastern and Western modalities can serve clients under one roof. Through a collaborative approach practitioners and clients will expand their awareness of traditional and non traditional ways to reach optimal level of wellness. through individual sessions, group activities, and 1-on-1 wellness care.



If you are experiencing a life threatening psychiatric emergency you must go to your local ER or contact your local crisis intervention hotline. 


Our local area number is 888 447-3339. You can dial 911 for emergency services. Call 211 for Mobile Crisis Emergency Services.


Our voicemail is not to be used for life threatening emergencies.

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