At CT Wellness Center, we believe in a holistic approach to health addressing mind, body and spirit. Our independent practitioners believe that, too.


Our licensed therapists, social workers and counselors specialize in a variety of mental health specialties including: individual, family and group psychotherapy; substance abuse and addiction; PTSD and other trauma; anxiety and depression.


Our bodies hold onto our stress and disease in many different ways. Helping the body relax and encouraging good health gives it the space needed to allow healing to take place. We offer massage, Reiki energy healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, cranio-sacral therapy, and naturopathic services.


Spiritual health is a vital part of overall health and well being. We offer life coaching and spiritual counseling to help you clarify your own beliefs, set better life goals, understand grief and find a deeper sense of meaning in your life.



If you are experiencing a life threatening psychiatric emergency you must go to your local ER or contact your local crisis intervention hotline. 


Our local area number is 888 447-3339. You can dial 911 for emergency services. Call 211 for Mobile Crisis Emergency Services.


Our voicemail is not to be used for life threatening emergencies.

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